Fast Life

by Sheldon Botler



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I work multiple jobs daily for the sake of survival. There is no schedule at this point. Just GO GO GO!!!! because I want to surpass survival. As many of us do. I am a teacher, photographer, musician, vocalist and event coordinator. I am honored to be so talented and also empathetic of those who are simply living to survive. We can make it out of this cycle, find time for our friends and family and do work that truly fuels us, despite the fast lives we live.


Every day stressing cause them bills gone’ come
Up in the morning way before the sun
Hustling grinding making moves for the paper
Feeling pressured for time so i can sleep later

Red in my eyes lord I know I’m tired
Working three jobs and I’ve got more inside
Do you understand how hard that I try

Living that fast life (Refrain)

You know how hard it is waking up at 5
When you went to bed at 3

Then phone rings, and now it's 630 but your bus left at 6:15 oh
And don’t the rain feel good at the bus stop
You’re standing at the bus stop, but it don’t stop
Then you start running and you don’t slow down
Cause you’ve got big dreams and can’t stop now

Living that fast life (Refrain)


released January 22, 2016
Sheldon Botler Original Production

Music Video Filmed by Maritza Arredondo



all rights reserved


Sheldon Botler Los Angeles, California

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