Fall in Love Again

by Sheldon Botler



I've recently come to terms with my long standing love for a woman that I have known since middle school. She and I have had a very difficult relationship, in that we never had one, and have never known if we should be together, but want to and wonder. No matter what happens between us, this song is a chance to speak my feelings and embrace some emotions that were once laden with a shameful and persistent denial. Love is love, let it be so.


We fell in love back when we were young
We used to talk about jumping over the broom instead of hopping over fences
Once kiss led to another one
Emotions rising, heat in between our thighs, deep breathing, now we’re defenseless

You were my favorite pick in any game
Whether tag balling or hide and go seek I sought every chance to get to know you

You were the piece I was missing
I was the man you envisioned but we were too afraid to say it then
We separated division created tension, the energy faded till we called each other friends

Now we’re in love again

Grade school I met another girl
We used to talk about nothing, default to intimate gazes, until it ended, with the quickness
One girl led to another one
To my surprise, you always stayed on my mind regardless of who I’d been with

Heard about you through the grape vine
Heard you were doing fine, two kids and a good life
Approaching you would be senseless

But, your man’s embrace it was missing that special something that glistens between our souls that will never end
Thought if we patiently listen to what our hearts had envisioned
Then the universe would tell us when

We’d be in love again

Now I know we’ve both been through hell and high water and the waves keep rolling in
But after 15 years of loving each other I’m sure we were made to win
And you’ve been saying for so long that we were destined for live
So come on, let’s give bravery a try

And be in love again
Let’s be in love again
Oh, lets be in love again
Let’s be in love again


released September 23, 2014
Arranged, written and performed by Sheldon Botler

Photography by Matthew Mazzarino



all rights reserved


Sheldon Botler Los Angeles, California

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